About EECO

Exhaust Ejector Co. (EECO) began in 1954 as a small family business with a motor dealership garage situated in the village of Shelf between Bradford and Halifax.

The original company name came from the renowned “cornette” exhaust ejector device which when fitted to the cars tail pipe improved fuel consumption considerably.

Many thousands were sold in those early days and the product gave the company the springboard into the motor accessory aftermarket.

"Galemaster" and "Windmaster" side window weathershields were the next product for which the company became renowned and the Windmaster, and it’s commercial vehicle version the Truckmaster.

EECO looks forward to continuing to supply quality products and services throughout the next 67 years.


In the early seventies EECO started to design and manufacture towing brackets. Whilst working with major manufacturers on towing bracket design and supply, the company was probably the first UK manufacturer to have its own strength test machine.

With it’s expertise in moulding and working acrylic, EECO continued to expand and diversify its product range during the 1980′s.The company’s connection with the Caravan Trade brought about an opening to endeavour to help in replacing caravan windows, which could not be obtained from the window manufacturers. From a slow start, and making each replacement by hand, the company has become one of the major bespoke replacement window manufacturers in the UK. Now in the year 2017 EECO are still making many products which other companies market under their own brand name. 

EECO today, is still the same family run business on the same (much expanded) site as 67 years ago. The company is totally committed to quality and customer satisfaction and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the market it serves. The company, has been in the past members of the Society of Motor Manufacture and Traders and the National Caravan Council for over 40 years.